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This book has come out of decades of suffering, reflection, prayer and attained wisdom.

The Cross is no stranger at our door. We have lived every day for almost two decades in the presence of pain and immense physical, mental and emotional distress, yet we hold onto Love at the centre.

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Let go of any theory you might have or dogma or ideology, of any ' proper' way of approaching contemplation

The important thing, we have discovered is to be open to God and to place your awareness in the unstoppable spirit within, which will always lead you to God, no matter what your circumstances, wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

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When you place contemplation and prayer together you find that you come to a wonderful place of interaction with God

We have learned you can pray in silence or in movement. There are no limits. You do not just speak to an empty room. You enter into a mystery and there you find God, listening, embracing, loving, supporting you.

"I love this book !!! It is uncomplicated, pure and so needed. Just like God." Pixi (Australia)

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Unstoppable Spirit a book for those who suffer

Hold onto Him with faith

Greg Crowhurst, author of Light for the World ( Kevin Mayhew, 2004),Beyond Normal Prayer (St Paul's Publications, 2006) and Care for Someone with Severe Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Stonebird, 2012), compiled this selection of contemplations and prayers.

His wife has suffered from continuous intense pain and incurable illness for two decades; Greg has been her constant companion and carer.

These contemplations and prayers come out of their shared experience of suffering, neglect and isolation, reminding us that even in the bleakest place, God is with us and can shine a path of light and hope for us all.

A Registered Nurse, Greg has qualifications in Counselling, Experiential Learning, Education, Web Design and an MA in Moral, Personal and Spiritual Development. He is currently studying for a qualification in Life Coaching.

Paperback:166 pages


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God with us

This book is based upon the experience of God with us, living and present.

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Inspired by a life of prayer

The prayers and contemplations in this book come from two decades of pain, injustice and struggle.

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Reaching out

This book touches the joy, the hope, the wonder, the living presence of God, admidst suffering.

"This book could only have been written by someone who has had first-hand and prolonged contact with severe, relentless suffering."

John Ashenfelter Trustee for The Grace Charity for M.E.

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