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a photo of a white statue that looks like Bernadette February 11th 2012
A prayer for healing, on this,
the World Day for the Sick .

Let us ask with boldness

for healing
and help.
Let us ask
in the name
of Jesus

a rainy, cold scene January 21st 2012
A prayer for truth to shine in the world.

"Hold me, I am burning with pain."

I hold her, I cannot feel her, she is so lost in the agony. Completely, down to every single millimetre, in her deepest depths , ill.

We hold each other, alone. Three things I have learned :

  1. To the extent that you are not prepared to compromise, to that extent you suffer acute isolation and rejection.
  2. You cannot afford to trust anyone who says they know what they are doing.
  3. No one knows what they are doing, when it comes to Severe ME.

At best you hope that they will be humble enough to admit it, that they enter into it with you and help you work something out possibly, in diminutive steps. One thing I know : There is no hope currently for people with Severe ME.

This I will never do though:

Give up.

My anger is too deep , my faith too ragged , too battle-hardened , my love much too strong for that; like a banner , the Breakthrough Prayer is unfurled tonight and every Saturday night , sweeping ME into the sea.

Things are very bad, trust is all we have left now.

When our need is
Your response is
Trusting this is so
we ask for a miracle,
knowing we will
always receive.

a poster saying you have until Tuesday to save DLAJanuary 14th 2012
Bless us
Save us
help us
Protect us
Renew us
Strengthen us
Hear us
Answer us faithfully
Amen Amen Amen.

Tonight we pray with all power and confidence that God will hear and save us and help us .

We pray especially that each one of us will find the physical healing we so desperately need.

We pray that the vote in the House of Lords to abolish DLA will be defeated. We ask for justice. We ask that our hope and trust in all goodness will be answered and justified. We ask that people with disabilities be properly protected and provided for, Amen

greg and linda January 7th 2012
A prayer for the New Year.

Let us celebrate the Hope of the New Year.

Though it feel empty, though the way may seem uncertain, though we may struggle, though we may hurt, let us put our trust wholeheartedly in the Lord to heal and guide us. May His blessings pour down upon us . May He be a sure Light to us throughout the year.

Let us then rejoice in His Love which brings confidence and Trust. Let us give thanks and praise for all things good and let us hope for better days ahead. Amen. Amen.

a candle burning December 3rd 2011
A prayer for truth to shine in the world.

We pray today especially for truth to shine in the world about ME : a WHO neurological disease with multi-system dysfunction.

We pray especially for the success of the Film Voices from the Shadows, produced by Natalie Boulton and Josh Biggs which is showing in London :new award winning film - 'Voices from the Shadows' - Dec 7th in London and a discussion following, at the British Library.

More information about the film can be found on the film website Dr Nigel Speight is the guest speaker for the discussion panel.

A trailer for “Voices from the Shadows” is at

May its showings bring true awareness to all who see it. May it be seen throughout the world and reach those who do not know the Truth yet of how serious a neurological disease it is. May it change hearts and minds and reach out through every medium available, especially TV. May there be a change in policies and a pouring out of research funding for research into the true underlying physical causes of this devastating and severely disabling disease.

Lord guide us always in truth and justice Help us always to find a true path Give us confidence to speak out against injustice Bless us and Protect us always Lord Shine a light in the world for us. Amen.

a man looking down at the sea November 26th 2011
A prayer for forgiveness.

When we have been deeply hurt

Lord , help us to want to forgive,
Help us remain close to you
And dwell in the Light of Mercy
Where forgiveness and all healing
Is possible.

a sign saying Power of the Holy Spirit October 29th 2011
A beautiful , special prayer written by a dear friend.

Please pray for an improvement in the health of everyone with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.

Please pray for an end to their pain, for the understanding of their families, of the medical profession and of society in general.

Please pray for all carers to be given strength to cope with their role.

a photo of a woman, in great suffering and pain, holding her hand to her face October 8th 2011
The tenth anniversary of The Breakthrough Prayer

We celebrate with a poem from Theresa :


The child within you

Sweep your house clean, each moment, Especially when night falls… For will your house be there tomorrow? We know not the time or hour… Anger held tight; furious fists Drive finger roots and nails Through the body, mind And spirit map, binding it in. Surrender to God’s Holy Spirit, Embrace the ocean and without fear And arms outstretched be carried through The water to the salty depths And give it ALL to HIM. Who waits, within, without, longing Through your grief, hidden, Calloused by time, down the long Lonely years of repression To set the CHILD in you FREE On bedroom carpet make your desert, Where stars touching heaven, spill out In startling clarity into the ubiquitous hush Of His Presence… Where each breath and tear and smile is heard ‘Ask and it will be given you Seek and you will find Knock and the door will be opened’ A guarantee from Him Who was and is and is to come Amen

We pray for the success of the world wide premiere of Voices From the Shadows today at The Mill Valley Film Festival

We pray that it will make a breakthrough happen, that people will be shocked to see the neglect of people with ME and the reality of Severe ME, that it will change hearts and minds and bring much needed light to the truth of this devastating physical disease.

May Voices From the Shadows bring about a fundamental shift in attitude and integrity towards treating this disease with both the seriousness and funding needed to find a cure and to separate psychiatric fatigue from the neurological , multisystem dysfunction of myalgic encephalomyelitis.

We pray especially for the people involved in the making of the film and give thanks for their bravery in making themselves vulnerable in this way for the good of many.

We give thanks also for all the personal and medical breakthroughs that have been held in the power of the Breakthrough Prayer throughout the last decade ! Alleluia !

a diagram of interconnecting lines and circles saying The Matrix of Truth. September 10th 2011
We pray especially today that each person who has ME can build a Matrix of Truth around themselves....

....reaching out to friends and family, medical staff and all people involved.

May this Matrix of Truth spread out to touch hearts and change minds. We hold all in the Heart of Love, where miracles happen and joy is complete and ask in trust that this truth is firmly established in the lives of every person with ME. We hold ourselves in the great mercy of God and His tender Love and pray this truth spreads to touch the whole world.

We give thanks at this time, for friendships that endure and pray for all those hurt from lost friendships and who struggle in isolation. May goodness touch all our lives, may we never feel alone, may we always the presence of God to strengthen and comfort us and bring us wisdom to endure. Amen.

a photo of light on the sea, just on the edge of the beach. September 3rd 2011
We pray that everyone find a comfort somehow , through all the difficult moments, suffering and struggles.

We give thanks for all tender mercies given and ask that we be strengthened and remain in hope of a better moment.

a photo of the sea at the end of a street, with an outline of a person.Aug 27th 2011
We pray for the protection of all people who have ME. We pray for protection on every level, mind, body, emotion, spirit .

We ask for guidance, wisdom, protection , knowledge in working out the best way to get what we need.

Most of all we pray for healing, hope and peace and that you will hear and answer us oh Lord in our distress . Amen

We ask for a special prayer for carers
 that they be renewed 
 and strengthened every day 
 and guided in wisdom 
 to know what to do 
 and how to help 
 in the best possible way.

We ask that they find 
consolation and comfort 
in their own struggles 
and that each day 
will bring them 
blessings and
 hope to carry on.

All praise and thanks to God. Amen.

a photo of Linda in great sufferingAug 20th 2011
When we feel broken by our circumstance then is the time to turn towards God, not away.

Let us pray with absolute trust and confidence in God that he will hear us and save us.

We hold especially in our hearts and beseech the help of God for all children currently with ME being abused through wrong psychiatric treatment. Amen

A special message from Theresa :

Hi all fellow sufferers - for those who can, please join in praying the Breakthrough Prayer at 9pm tonight for this young Spanish girl and her mother. In fact, for all young people who are most at risk from this kind of dangerous psychiatric intervention and are experiencing the nightmare right now.

Pauline and I wrote this prayer eleven years ago now -directly in response to a picture of a young girl whose picture was on the front of the local paper.There were so many emotions written on that young girl's face: suffering, anger, grief, longing, disappointment, fear.Her story and her face gripped my heart.I phoned my dear friend Pauline, who died earlier this year,and together we wrote this prayer that has touched many hearts.

I can read and write only a litle now.But so grateful for you Linda and Greg for your mighty effort with this website that is not afraid to speak out for us all.

a photo of a seagull against grey thundercloudsAug 13th 2011
We continue to pray with great power and faith for universal acknowledgement of the truth of our physical disease.

	when injustice strikes,
	when we are deeply wounded,
	when the way ahead seems blocked,
	when it is hard to hold onto hope,
	pour your Spirit out
	in great Power and Mercy
	and right all wrongs.
	We pray in the Holy name of Jesus.

a photo of Greg standing  in water, arms raised up, reflection beneathAug 6th 2011
We pray for protection.

We fly onto you Lord, for your great love and protection

Keep us safe from all harm, banish all assault by evil by your Holy Name.

We call to you in our distress and ask that you save us now. Amen.

	Lord help us always to follow
	Your path of goodness
	may your Light shine ever in our hearts
	illuminating the True Way
	of God
	for us to follow.
	Oh Heart of Love, 
	may we always be in harmony
	with your great truth
	May we always find the path to Mercy
	and there redeem ourselves
	so that we may live forever
	in love.

a pastel picture of Linda in great painJuly 30th 2011
We pray for an end to oppression.

We pray for God's light to shine on the truth in every circumstance we find ourselves in. We banish all evil in the name of Jesus Christ, we live in hope and trust in justice .

We ask always to remember the love of God and place ourselves in the power of the Trinity, asking for protection, wisdom, discernment and a clear path to shine for us, leading always towards goodness, healing abd blessings. Amen.

	We thank you Lord
	for your steadfastness
	we ask to remain true
	to all that we believe in.
	Help us to walk
	a true path,
	help us always
	to find healing and hope,
	peace and comfort.

Let us keep asking God, with absolute certainty and confidence, that people with ME will finally get the proper biomedical recognition they need and that biomedical research will make the much-needed breakthrough to physically help us all. We ask absolutely that all that is untrue, yet linked to ME, be diminished and gone from ruining our lives. Let us speak up for what we need and who we are. Let it be clear that we have a genuine neurological disease, so that we can no longer be misrepresented, misinterpreted, mistreated and neglected. In God we trust.

a banner saying New International Consensus CriteriaJuly 23rd 2011
We give thanks for God working in our lives,
both in seen and hidden ways
and we place our trust in Him.

We will find justice and healing and hope.

We pray especially at this time that the new ICC criteria will be adopted and will form the basis of proper biomedical assessments and investigations, so that the association of ME with Fatigue and Mental Health, wil be banished onec and for all.

	Come powerfully into our lives,
	be a true light shining
	in our hearts
	and help us to bring about
	radical change.

a photo of a seagull on a postJuly 16th 2011
We pray tonight that the injustices done to people with ME will be recognised.

We pray for a paradigm shift in attitude towards the recognition of the physical reality of ME as a neurological disease and a complete change of direction in the NHS, towards the treatment of ME.

Within this context, we pray powerfully that the DSM5 Somatoform Working Group will not validate the somatoform criteria that so endanger the lives of people with genuine ME.

We ask for God's protection in this matter. We trust in His infinite mercy and goodness to keep us safe. Amen.

(To download our DSM5 submission please click here.)

	Lord hear us,
	Lord help us,
	Lord save us,
	Lord protect us,
	Lord comfort us,
	Lord strengthen us,
	Lord empower us,

a photo of blue sky through dark cloudsJuly 8th 2011
We hold all people who have asked for prayer, in the power of the Breakthrough Prayer.

We ask that God helps each one of us in our own suffering and struggles.

We especially pray , in the Heart of Love, for those people who are suffering in terrible pain without relent and ask for an easing of their burden and a way forward in the power of the Spirit.

We hold carers and loved ones and friends, who stand by us. May they be comforted and renewed in their strength. May they feel God's love and mercy holding them. Amen

	Let us find Hope always
	In the Mighty Trinity
	especially when
	we feel helpless in

a photo of Greg beside a boat that is named Why Worry ?July 1st 2011
We pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us, bringing blessings and healing and life to us all. Amen
	Spirit in action
	flows like the wind
	dances like fire
	encompasses all in
	the Light of the World
	whispers of freedom
	sings wildly of Passion
	Brings Power and Wisdom
	to all those who hope
	Spirit is action
	and Spirit is Fire
	Spirit is Freedom
	and Spirit is here
	Spirit flows like a fountain
	cleansing all in its Pathway
	unstoppable Spirit
	the Spirit of Love.
	Spirit is Joy
	and Spirit is knowing
	Spirit is wonder
	and Awe at the sight
	Spirit brings Peace
	and a Joy never-ending
	in a dance of forever
	Spirit brings us to Light
	Spirit is Tender
	and Spirit is water
	Spirit is weeping
	and Spirit is Prayer
	Spirit brings Love
	to the heart of creation
	Spirit is gentle
	and tenderly there
	Bringing all in its pathway
	to once hidden places
	Setting Light to our hearts
	bringing Hope to despair
	Blessing all as it passes
	it moves like a windswell
	breathing Life in our spirits
	bringing all now to Truth.
	For Spirit is God
	and is there at the centre
	and Spirit is Love
	and holds all for all time
	and the Peace that God brings
	is the Peace of forever
	and the healing that blesses
	brings Life to us all.
	Oh Love - hear our call !

a photo of three rosesJune 18th 2011
We pray that all who suffer will be immersed in the healing power of the Holy Trinity and find a path always towards love.

We continue to pray that the Government will listen to the very real needs of disabled people, especially the most ill and severely disabled; that they will not do anything that will bring harm or increase poverty and neglect

	We place ourselves
	in the power of the Trinity
	in the Holy Heart of Love;
	we ask for wisdom,
	we ask for peace,
	we ask for justice,
	we ask for a`new biomedical way forward
	for people with ME,
	based upon the
	truth and reality of our illness,
	may each person's needs
	be specially met today.

a photo of a female blackbird on a wooden poleJune 11th 2011
We pray tonight for the power of the Holy Spirit to come upon us in the Light and Hope of Pentecost and bring a radical and positive change in the lives of people with ME. We pray that the Breakthrough Prayer is lifted by the Holy Spirit; we pray with absolute certainty that our prayer is answered now.

"When the Spirit comes there is joy, freedom, hope, healing, transformation - and nothing is the same again. Miracles happen and God's promise is complete."

(From Light for the World by Greg Crowhurst)

	Come Holy Spirit come
	Come in Power
	Fill us with Light
	Fill us with Hope
	Fill us with Peace
	Fill us with Trust
	Touch and Heal us
	Protect and Comfort us
	Renew and Strengthen us
	in the Power of Your Love,

a photo of three boats on a blue seaJune 4th 2011
We pray tonight that we are heard, that our needs are seen and that Truth of the reality of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis will be finally recognised and a true path of hope opened up for us all. Amen
Lord we do not know the way forward 
yet we trust in You to guide us
We do not  have all the answers
Yet we trust in You to supply our need
We do not know how to get well
Yet we trust in You to lead us on a safe path.
Lord in all things we place our trust in You,

a photo of a red bleeding heart plantMay 21st 2011
We hold everyone who is suffering with ME and everyone involved with them in the Heart of Love today.

We ask for miracles we ask for help we ask for hope We ask that each person will receive their own special breakthrough for their own specific circumstances as we pray in trust and power the Breakthrough prayer.

We welcome all newcomers to the breakthrough prayer circle and open our hearts in prayer to embrace each other and pray in the oneness of love.

John's Hope

Heart of Love
Dying for the world
Reaching out to save
All I can do
is stand by you
an onlooker on the sport of death
All I can give
I do

My heart
in all its simplicity
lies with yours
Al I can hope
is that it is
some small comfort
some speck of light
in the gathering darkness
which obscures
the True reality of
Your Glory

You are not alone
We hold you in our tears
We stay with you beyond the end
hoping, praying, waiting
for the New beginning.
Linda 2001


a stick drawing of Linda, in pain, touching her dogMay 21st 2011
Tonight we pray for all people who have lost a pet or a friend or anyone who has supported them, particularly through their illness. May they find hope and spiritual comfort to ease their burden of grief and loss.
	I gave my son for you
	I cried those tears of pain with him
	I held him gently in my arms
	I loved him back to life
	For I am the one who loves
	I love you all
	I love you always
	For I am the one who loves
	in spite of all the pain.

a photo of Linda, in pain.May 14th 2011
Today we continue to pray for all those who are struggling.
	The body of Christ
	holds every name
	holds every moment's pain
	represents eternity
	before our very eyes
	if you could dissect it,
	hidden away;
	in a tiny molecule
	or perhaps an ephemeral electron,
	you would see yourself
	and feel with absolute certainty
	that He had touched you
	He had held you
	He had loved you
	just as you are
	right now
	and you would know
	that this
	is True.
Linda Crowhurst

a photo of a field of yellow rape under a bright blue skyApril 30th 2011
Today we choose to focus on giving thanks and praise for all the small triumphs and graces that help us get through each day.

For this is how we can survive the great onslaught of physical symptoms and the gross injustice and neglect we experience in the world; for our neurological disease, ME.

When we turn to God, He can bring us through the hardest of places, when we focus inwardly we can miraculously find some sense of peace and goodness within immense suffering; not of the world.

When we focus outwardly and seek union spiritually with others, we can build on hope and strength. Our prayers , joined together , transcend all difficulties and immerse us in the Kingdom of Love; God's kingdon here with us.

Lord we turn to You
and place our hearts
and minds in love.
We give thanks and praise
for all good
things that you have given us.
May we always find beauty in
each day. Amen

a photo of a deep red sunset over a ChurchApril 23rd 2011
When we think about Easter , we cannot forget the Cross of Good Friday; the pathway that leads to the joy of the resurrection.

Sometimes when we look at the Cross all we can see or think of, is pain and suffering . And we cannot always bear it. We cannot sometimes even look. However the Cross is so much more than the physical experience we see.

If we look closely perhaps we can also see the humility and love of Jesus: his immense compassion and desire to heal the whole world, not just for then or for now, but for all time. We can feel his longing to help every single person who has ever lived , and all those yet to come .

When we look at the Cross, let us ask to see the light , the truth, the wisdom and the power of God ,shining forth from this ultimate healing moment for all mankind. Let us ask to see and feel the wonder of Mercy , silently flowing out to touch us all, remembering that God’s Mercy flows forever and ever.

When we look at Jesus with his arms open wide to receive and redeem all the hurt of the world, we need to use our spiritual eyes to look beyond the earth bound situation . For he is not alone . As Jesus, the Son of God, reaches out to embrace us all, so his heavenly Father, with his ultimate Love for his Son, is embracing him also. When Jesus calls out in agony , the Father calls with him ; when Jesus cries, so does the Father

When we call out , we too are heard, because we are held in that loving compassionate embrace of the Father and the Son. When our tears fall, they are made holy , for we are held by the Father and the Son, forever, in that moment , in the Heart of Love.

Let us then look with new eyes on the Cross this Easter. Let us find hope and healing, mingled with our pain and tears. And let us thank God for the ultimate gift of Life that flows from this outpouring of love.

Perhaps the prayer circle this week 
could especially remember  people with 
Severe ME and carers , who feel isolated
 and alone within the illness,
 especially at Easter.

a photo of Greg and Linda prayingApril 16th 2011
When things get desperate

There is such a need for Truth and Justice in the medical field of ME.

People are so seriously and severely ill and disabled with this devastating neurological disease that it is hard to fathom why there is no universal biomedical approach to it or to help us in our plight.

It is simply beyond understanding why ,when there are so many people physically affected , proper biomedical tests and a congruent universal definition which would validate the physiological dysfunction at the heart of the disease are not available on the NHS and are not being rigorously sought or developed by the government in order to alleviate the physical suffering and the ensuing poverty that people struggle with for decades.

Instead people are neglected, maligned, wrongly treated or abandoned and disregarded. They are left to cope , isolated and alone or with friends and families sacrificing their lives and livelihoods in order to support them outside of a system that cares not despite its responsibility to them.

This is a neurological disease acknowledged by the WHO yet despite this people/s experience of neurologists Is often negative and those who seek neurological support and clarification for their disease may end up feeling more devastated , denied and alienated from a health service that is clearly failing them.

We ask today that God help us to right this wrong. We ask for an end to this practice of negation, the watering down of truth, the dissemination of untruth about this very real physical disease ..

We ask all the angels and the archangels to pray with us and for us and all of heaven to back us in our demands for Truth and Justice alongside biomedical integrity in the world for people with Myalgic Ecephalomyelitis.

This is our prayer for today. May all untruth be banished and a new era of biomedical integrity and wisdom be established . Lord here us, Lord graciously save us. Amen.

a photo of an empty purseApril 9th 2011
When things get desperate

Lord when things get desperate , may we turn to you in all trust, knowing you will keep us and save us.

Be a light to shine upon us 
	and always fill our hearts with peace. 
	Give us the gifts of discernment 
	and knowledge that we may always 
	know which direction is true; 
	especially in dire times.Amen

As the Government's cuts begin to bite and take hold of the country, more and more people will struggle. We need God's Light, His Truth and His Peace to protect us from harm.

The disabled are suffering greatly with ESA and the introduction of PIP; our concerns appear to be disregarded .

This is the time to speak up and to keep speaking up. Some agencies, such as The Hardest Hit are doing this ; the poorest and the disabled will be some of the hardest hit.

Let us continue to pray with Power for Truth and Justice and Light to shine and illuminate the truth of our predicament to the Government. Let us pray for a change in policy even now. Amen

a photo Linda and her corgi dog AmosApril 2nd 2011
The symptoms of Severe ME

The symptoms of severe ME are overwhelming.

When there is no energy, no ability, limited thought and a constant onslaught of symptoms affecting so many different systems of the body it is hard to find ways to cope with the day, the hour , the moment you find yourself in.

When things feel bad, empty, intolerable, desperate, then more than any other time this is when we need to cling to God and hold on to Hope: Hope for a better moment, hope for a real change in Government Policy, hope for a biomedical Breakthrough.

Hope for a change of hearts and minds. Hope for something good to happen. Hope for comfort and an easing of the painful distressing onslaught of the illness Hope in Gods Love to bless you right now.

Hope defeats despair.Hope lifts us up into the Heart of Love. Hope lifts us up to God's realm where miracles happen and joy is complete. Hope helps us through the most difficult of moment.

Let us ask always then to live in Hope and Trust that it will be so.

Let us Pray that the Breakthrough Prayer we pray each week will be answered . We pray that not only will it be answered, but it will be answered now. We place our Hope fervently in God and Trust he will hear and answer our request. Amen.

a photo of the protest in london against the cutsMarch 26th 2011
London march against the cuts today.

We pray today for wisdom, integrity and openness to change; that the Government will see the extent of dissatisfaction about the level of cuts it is making.

We pray that they will hear the people's voice and not carry on the punative measures that will affect so many people of all ages and groups, especially the disabled and the sick,particularly people with ME.

We pray that all is held in the Heart of Love where miracles happen and joy is complete. We place our trust in God's goodness and the power of prayer to change hearts and minds.

We pray for a peaceful demonstration today, where the voice of the people is justly heard and answered.

Lord I cling to you in my need
	Keep me safe and help me to know
	that in you all will be well.

a photo of the early morning sun reflecting of a cottage windowMarch 19th 2011
Japan, Libya, Bahrain

As we pray tonight for peace, healing and comfort around the world; the mysteries of Light bring us much needed radiance in the darkness, wisdom in the void, truth in the uncertainty of living in a damaged and hurting world.

The Mysteries of Light are the Perfect companion for our Lent journey, as they bring a much needed focus to the emptiness of the desert. They help us focus our attention on Jesus’ ministry, as it builds up to the climax of Easter week.

They begin by bringing awareness of the very real presence of the Trinity ,to our attention, in the first mystery, moving on to the wonder of Jesus mission:the transforming power of love where miracles are seen and believed through the miracle of the water into wine.

Following on from the miraculous, we come to a much needed emphasis on forgiveness, reconciliation and mercy in the third mystery of Light: the main focus of Jesus Life ultimately, to bring mercy and lead us back to God, the Father, who is Love.

Moving on we come to the fourth and awesome mystery of the Transfiguration: the most powerful and wonderful transformative truth, illuminated so clearly for us through the experience of Peter, James and John; those closest to Jesus. Here we can ask that we too may be blessed in a similar way to the disciples; to grow closer in our own discipleship; to see the pure light of life , radiant in all His beauty .We can then ask to see the same truth in all our neighbours, even in our enemies: the light of life that links , unites, heals, brings hope for the world.

The fifth mystery is the mystery of the Eucharist. The purity of God’s love radiates out calling us to receive,to be fed, sustained by the essence of Light itself,manifest in the bread of Love. This is the holy gift given to us, which remains with us, which unites and strengthens us and brings us ever closer to the awareness of the living God within us. As we contemplate the true presence here within ,may we grow in holiness and carry all the gifts of the Mysteries of Light with us out into the world in the Power of the Holy Spirit.

All these mysteries are brought together on the Cross on Good Friday, but are illuminated powerfully and individually through contemplating the Mysteries of Light.

As we contemplate ,so we are lead more and more into the depths of Jesus Ministry and mission. As we pray and ask for Light to shine more brightly in our hearts and minds,so it manifests more in our lives, bringing untold blessings to what can sometimes feel like a tedious and dark journey towards the Cross, through Lent.

How can we not rejoice in the Mysteries of Light ? How can we not use them as a powerful gift of intercession for ourselves , for each other, indeed for the whole world, this Lent and always. Amen.

We pray especially tonight for Pauline , co-author of the Breakthrough Prayer, whose funeral is this week :

 Lord may we find
every hope
in all
that You have 
promised :
that even in death
we shall still live
in You

a photo looking at a church tower in the distance framed by a bare rose branchMarch 12th 2011
Lent 2011

Lent seems for me to be a time of waiting.

God asks us to wait. God bids us to wait in Trust and Faith for Easter and onwards to Pentecost, for the fulfilment of Jesus’ mission on Earth - the coming of the Holy Spirit, Power Most High.

Waiting however is not always an easy thing , though it is something that those of us who suffer with ME come to know well. It can be agonising, irritating, frustrating, exciting ,peaceful and many other things besides. It is definitely something that we can all experience differently. It does not always feel like a blessing!

So how can we wait, this Lent?

We can wait in contemplation. And in our contemplation we may discover that we are held in the silence of waiting. This might feel endless, empty even, yet if we listen carefully perhaps we can hear the still small voice of Love, whispering to be patient, whispering that Love will Triumph and the Power of the Spirit will be released to Bless the world and all our lives in unseen, unknown, unexpected even unhoped for ways.

Let us wait then in Hope and anticipation. Let us listen for Love.

Please join us on our daily Lenten Journey at

a photo looking up at the first daffodil of SpringFeb 26th 2011
Justice for people who are disabled

His Light cannot be put out

	He is the Light of the world
	an immense radiant and pure light
	that shines so that we can all see the way;
	so that we can all find God in any moment
	and evil can never triumph.
	The Light of the World
	is present reigning triumphant
	over death and giving life to all
	through His power of Love.
	His radiance will always lead
	and guide us through any
	apparent darkness for
	where the Light of the World is
	no darkness or evil can really be.

Lord in your mercy hear us and help us.

We pray for justice, we pray for truth, we pray for protection from any injustice.

We pray particularly that the needs of the disabled will not be abused or go unmet in these punative economic times.

We ask that this Government think again about its policies towards disability, knowing that nothing is impossible to you Lord, in the power of united prayer.


a photo of a roaring log fireFeb 19th 2011
PACE Trial

The day after the publication of the PACE Trial results we need not to despair but to place our trust in God's Light and Mercy.

I am the Light of the World
anyone who follows me will not
be walking in the dark
he will have the light of life

John 8 : 12

This is a wonderful affirmation of Christ's presence with us. We cannot be in the dark, even if it seems that way with earthly eyes, we can see clearly if we look with spiritual eyes that the light of life, Jesus Christ, is with us

This tells us we need not fear, even when all seems dark, because God will never abandon us; he will always be close. Such is the truth that even when Christ died on the cross, God was with him.

The Light of Life is with us. The Light of Life is God's immense gift to us. It is the living force, the light that energises, blesses, guides, is.

It is the light of Truth. The Way to the Father, the Light of men and the Life of men.

Joy indeed.

His gift is endless and boundless.

Joy indeed.

We`are never alone. The Light of Life sustains us and is triumphant over all adversity. For darkness cannot exist where light is. And light illuminates God's Holy Truth. And the truth will set you free.

How wonderful indeed then to know the power of light and the power of life that conquers even death. That is eternal. Praise God.

The Light of Life shines in us and sets us free. praise God for ever and ever.

	When I feel weak
	Lord, be my strength
	When I feel troubled
	Lord, be my Light
	When I feel ill
	Lord be my Help
	When I feel Lost
	Lord, be my guide

I bring you Light and Peace to fill the darkness that surrounds you. Listen for Truth. Feel my Light shine golden, glowing, transforming. Love flowing out to meet you where you are.

You are my Light. Stand tall in the shadows and shine that light now for all to see and feel my radiant presence reaching out through you to heal, to forgive and love. Amen

a photo of the sun setting behind a tree at the top of a hillFeb 12th 2011
DLA Consultation

We hold in our awareness the whole political aspect of ME as we pray tonight for truth and justice.

We hold especially in our prayers this week, the outcome of the flawed DLA Consultation and the intention of the Government to abolish DLA for PIP,which is likely to remove hundreds of thousands of disabled people from essential disability benefit, upon which they rely to live.

Let us all send this message out to all we know. Ask everyone to write to the DLA about the injustice of this consultation process; let it snowball.

We ask God to help us speak our truth .

We ask for the word to grow, may people we tell tell someone else, so that our message is heard and justice is done,

Let us pray :

Lord help us when
	we are
	help us to feel
	Your love
	no matter what
	is happening to us
	in the world

a photo of Greg hugging Linda in tears5th February 2011
Snowball Prayer

Tonight we pray for small victories in spreading the truth of ME, as serious neurological disease, with multi-system dysfunction.

If we can just educate one person at a time, that will be an achievement and then they might educate someone else. If you can imagine the impact being like a snowball, rolling down a hill, from the summit of truth, getting bigger and bigger, including more and more people as it rolls.

We give thanks especially for the recent Parliamentary Debate on ME, led by Ian Swales MP for Redcar and his accurate presentation on what it is like to have ME.

Until ME is separated from CFS and the psychosocial lobby, people with ME will not be truly represented.

We must pray most powerfully for this separation so that people with ME can gain the respect that is so much needed and owed them. As we pray the Breakthrough Prayer tonight, we ask specifically for truth and justice.


a photo of rooftops against the sunsetJan 29th 2011
I place my heart

I place

my body

I place

my hope

I place

my hurt

all in You


I ask for

a miracle



will be


I trust in


and I



with all

my being


Lord, we believe in miracles and so we ask today for miracles, trusting that you hear us.

We ask for the miracle of truth, that the MRC funding, recently announced for biomedical research, will truly be awarded to genuine biomedical research by clinicans seeking the physical causes underlying ME and will not be highjacked by the psychiatric lobby for pseudo-science.

We pray that the Government Minister will act with integrity regarding Professor Hooper's letter of complaint against the MRC and that all the concerns raised in his letter will be acknowledged and rectified, so that the lives of people with ME will finally be treated with the honour they deserve and a miracle of proper biomedical tests, treatments and Consultants, who respect us, will follow.


a photo of moonlight over Blakeney QuayJan 22th 2011
Take time to be still and find me.

Reach into the stillness of my love.

Let it fill you.

Let your heart say Yes to me , endlessly Yes.

In that Yes we can work wonders

In that Yes all things are possible

Be Bold

Come find me

In the power of that Yes

Fill me with Joy.

Take the step that leads to me,

Only say Yes

And find me

Today we pray for all people who are struggling; may they find God's presence with them.

May they open their heart to receive His blessing in their lives

As we say Yes to the absolute Power of Love in our lives, may we feel Love respond with healing, hope and miracles.

For all who are ill, may they find comfort and strength.

For all who are struggling, especially with financial worries and debt, may they find help.

For all who are isolated and alone may they find hope

For all in need, may their needs be met.

We ask in faith

Lord graciously hear us.

We have a new Prayer Request notice board, where specific prayer requests can be placed for us all to pray for them

May all find comfort who seek his blessing. Amen

a screen shot of the Now is the Time documentJan 15th 2011
Lord we ask you for justice, long overdue.

We ask that there be a new NHS vision based upon biomedical knowledge for people with ME.

We ask that the White Paper on NHS Choice be the catalyst for change and proper medical treament for people with ME.We ask that as many people as possible submit a response, this weekend while there is still time.

We ask this in faith and trust and mercy, knowing that nothing is impossible for you.

a photo of a chruch tower in the sunset, with rays of light Jan 8th 2011
The most wonderful thing about the Light of Life is that it cannot be diminished, vanquished or extinguished because it comes from God.

No darkness or evil can obliterate it. darkness cannot take it away. What an incredible thing to know with absolute certainty that our gift of life is a gift of Light from God and it will always shine. This is the truth and this is the promise given by Our Lord.

With this in mind we give joyful thanks that our prayer, that Dr Sarah Myhill be reinstated, has been answered, in the most stunning turnaround, this week !

Justice and truth have once again triumphed !

We pray :

Lord in Your Mercy
tenderly heal me

Lord fill me with Your Holy Peace
not of this world

Lord bless me with Your healing Presence
restore me to full health

Lord strengthen me with the Power of Your Spirit
ease the burdens that I carry

Lord comfort me with the Truth of Your Love
May all Mercy be received.

Let our lights all unite in Him; let us sing as one voice of the truth and power of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

a photo of sparklers on New Year's Eve New Year's day 2011
To pray in the name of Jesus Christ is to Pray in the Power of Truth and Mercy and that is to pray in the Goodness that is the Heart of Love, the Holy Trinity.

New Year's day 2011

It is to touch all healing, all love, all that is healed and therefore your prayer is already answered and touched by that same power, which is the Life of Christ and the Light of Life.

It is Joy complete and utter presence of God. It is to be truly present with all that is and thus to know with absolute certainty that your prayer is known, heard and answered, all in that moment of praying, for that is the meaning of Mercy; of Christ's death and Resurrection.

It is the completion of healing, the Oneness of Love. It is Truth and it is completely and totally Life evermore.

It is in this power of prayer that we hold all our hopes for the year ahead. We pray at this time especially that the year will bring new understanding about the physical reality of ME as a neurological disease. We pray that all people who do not understand, friends, family, neighbors, doctors, consultants, nurses, physio.s, Ot's, the Benefit Agency, the Government, that all will come to a new wisdom and compassion and truth and brig about a massive change for the good in the lives of people with ME and their carers.

We pray for healing to be poured into the hurt done by all these people, through ignorance, through fear, through deliberate negation and vested interest.

We pray to banish all evil in Jesus Christ's name. We pray for hop, we pray for miracles, we pray for truth and justice. We pray that this is the year of radical change, in all our lives, for the good.


a photo of a the morning sun over snowChristmas Day
Each one of us is a gift from God

A gift to the world, a gift to each other, each carrying our own spark of divine light, to bring comfort, to bring strength, to bring healing into a hurting world.

A world where pain and grief, confusion and illusion may blind us to our own beauty and the beauty of others.

Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, the Light of the World, asks us to remember who we are, for we are love, each one of us given a gift, our own special gift to be used for the glory of God.

Do not be afraid, be bold and confident, that God holds us all very gently in the power and mystery of His love, as we dare to reach out in faith and trust.

Remember that each and every one of us reflects a different aspect of Christ's body. We are each experiencing and expressing both the pain and the wonder and the utter joy of being the Body of Christ.

Remember this and reach up always to the Light, knowing that you are held in the power of Love.

You might like to join us tonight , praying the Breakthrough Prayer, at 9.00pm GMT

Christmas Eve 2010

a photo of a twig against a winter sunsetChristmas Eve
May you find Peace, Healing and Hope this Christmas. May we all experience miracles as the coming year unfolds.

Today we celebrate the Truth of God's Love - that Jesus Christ, the Light of the World has come into the world and dwells among us. This Light is pure radiance and shines its perfect beauty all around.

It is the Light of Mercy, the Light of Truth, the Light of Wisdom, the Light of Discernment, the Light of Justice. It brings the gift of Healing, the gift of Hope, the gift of Consolation, the gift of Love to us.

The Light is never more needed than now in the lives of people with ME for there is so much disinformation and untruth spread around the true disease that people with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis have.

There is so much medical neglect. There is so much injustice surrounding people with ME : a genuine neurological disease, dismissed as a psychological condition.

As we approach midnight , the holiest time of the year, signaling the birth of Christ and the Redemption of the world, we hold the needs of all people with this serious disease, especially the most severely affected and their carers and loved ones in the pure radiance of Christ's Light.

We lift ourselves and everyone who is suffering into the centre of this bright Light as we pray for Truth and Justice, for Hope and Comfort, for a genuine change in attitude of the medical establishment, for the truth of XMRV to be revealed, for proper biomedical research to be done on patients who genuinely have ME and we pray that the biopsychosocial approach be truly discredited and a biomedical approach be acknowledged and created, using the available knowledge that is currently available, as a starting point.

We pray for strength and courage for all people who are genuinely fighting to raise awareness of the truth of this devastating illness.

We pray for genuine healing and Hope to be poured out upon us. We ask this in trust knowing God's Mercy is real and He hears our prayers.

We give thanks for the Child born in the manger. we give thanks that Love has come among us and that evil can no longer hold sway on the world.

The Light of the World is here. we ask that our prayers be answered. Praise God indeed. Amen.

We pray the Breakthrough Prayer and light a candle at midnight to signify that Jesus christ has come into the world.

At this holy moment we pray for miracles in the lives of people with ME.

We hold in prayer all those who are suffering, all who are isolated, all who are struggling to cope with the cold weather and the problems it brings, all who are grieving and all who are dying. We hold them all in the light of the candle. We hold them all in the Heart of our Prayer. Amen.

  in all things
        I trust in you

when fear
   overwhelms me
        I turn to you
when doubt
   assails me
        I turn to you					
when Peace
   is lost
        I turn to you	
when anxieties
   mob me
        I turn to you
when pain
   oppresses  me
        I turn to you	
when worries
   betray me
        I turn to you
   in all things
        I am held by You