"A call to arms to step for M.E. Whatever I have left of my life, it's mission is to raise awareness for M.E. We know its misunderstood, we know its misrepresented, we know its under researched. If we want things to change, we the people must be the change makers. At the moment, I cannot do that, so I am asking you as my friends to step up for me, for M.E. I want every person who has ever shown an interest and shown care for me to step up from saying to doing. I need you to be the change we wish to see. I've got a huge number of friends in the arts, in the churches, hold special services, do concerts, put on a show, invite the community, invite the drs, and create the change people like me desperately need. I can do no more than this, to lay and type to you all when I am well enough to do so. You can do so much more than say stuff!!! And please don't leave this til I'm gone and then do it in my memory, do it while I'm here and give me a reason to fight! I have so many people tell me I am an inspiration, well, I inspire you to Inspire me for a change by DOING something. Watch this video, visit the step up challenge and the blue ribbon foundation, hold a meeting, (with cake) and discuss ideas, and something happen for M.E. Give me and thousands of other M.E sufferers a reason to hope, to fight. And make me proud, I know you can all do it if you just step up for M.E! Again, share as far and wide as you dare. It's time to change. Be the change." Kara Jane Spencer