Second Edition

Severe ME

Featuring Justice for Karina Hansen

"...breathtaking, impressive, touching and practical."

Rob Wijbenga

Updated and expanded, featuring the voices of people with Severe ME, carers, advocates and professionals from around the world.

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" This book is not only about severe ME, but about all levels of ME."

Susanna Agardy, Emerge Magazine (Australia), Autumn 2014

International Contributors :

  • Natalie Boulton (UK)

    Reflections on "Voices From the Shadows".

  • Martin Walker (UK)

    The Handbook for a Medical Jigsaw.

  • Dr John L Whiting (Australia)

    The Doctor's Dilemma.

  • Rob Wijbenga (Holland)

    Introduction to the Second Edition.

  • Dr Raymond Perrin (UK)

    The Science behind ME.

  • Pixi (Australia)

    Ill, crippled by osteoporosis,
    paralysed by ME

  • Carrigon (USA)

    The CFIDS/ME Domino Effect

  • Laura Brown (UK)

    Feeling totally surplus to my own life

  • Simon Lawrence(UK)


  • Catherine Ashenfelter(UK)

    A Voice for Truth.

  • Michael Evison(UK)

    Our Lives Now.

  • Diane (UK)

    A Mother's Account.

  • Liisa Priyanka Lugus(Canada)

    The Bardo of ME

  • Dr Mary Schweitzer(USA)

    What does politics have to do with it ?

  • Rebecca Hansen (Denmark)

    Justice for Karina

" It will help you understand what the person with Severe ME is going through, better than any other book I know of"

Natalie Boulton

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With unparalleled imagery and quotations the book describes like a surgeon what it is like to live a life as and with someone who is severely stricken with the devastating disease Myalgic Encephalomyelitis.
Rob Wijbenga
Greg Crowhurst's book is of immense value, it's a holistic book, a total book which looks at ME from the focused pinpoint of the sufferer while rising above the immediate physical problem to reconnoiter the surrounding landscape.
Martin Walker