Songs by Greg Crowhurst

My music

What drives you ?

I live under enormous pressure, my wife is chronically ill and disabled, in constant pain, suffering physically and politically - her illness , Severe ME, has gone untreated for two decades. I would explode without my music - through it I express my passion, my rage, my anger, my joy, my love.

What is your instrument ?

I have played the guitar for most of my life. More recently I taught myself the keyboard and Mountain Dulcimer. I seem to be opening up as never before to music, playing more and more instruments both real and virtual.

What is your musical history ?

Me and my guitar...mostly hidden away.

Who are your influences ?

Kristofferson, Dylan , Neil Young, Ralph McTell- Linda, my wife most of all

guitar player

...all my life I've written these songs.

Oh River

it is only so long, my love, we can hold out here.

guitar player

The Adventures of Captain Woolybear

March Song

Seventh Circle of Hell.

Here we are

in the wasteland.

The man who cares

a tear in your eye