There are NO more excuses. Slow people need to learn by repetition, so I again say, the theme for now and the future is 'NO MAS!' [No More!]  Myalgic Encephalomyelitis has had a valid WHO code as a neurological illness for 40 years! USE IT! We are NOT sick of
  being tired, We are tired 
  of being SICK! Many ignorant and arrogant psychiatrists.. have pushed GET and CBT theories to cure VERY PHYSICALLY SICK PEOPLE by forcing them to exercise their way out of being SICK. This is a crime against humanity!  
we have been treated as criminals and vagrants. This must end RIGHT NOW! Again, I say I have heard patients who have lost their marriages, their careers, their families, their friends and far too often their very lives to the disease compare it to a life sentence in solitary confinement, without parole. Many of the good doctors who have treated us are nearing retirement. With virtually NO curriculum regarding M.E. at major medical schools, this is a disaster that is going from very bad to a true crisis.”

<img src= The big multinational insurance companies have literally billions of dollars invested in portraying us as mentally ill malingerers who are out to defraud them.  CFS is a pile of crap. It is an artificial construct of some people with tiny brains.

 You are like little lobsters 
sitting in a pot of lukewarm 
water and the corrupt insurance
 companies are turning up
 the heat and the those of us
 who are smart have been trying
 to warn you for 20 years!