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are certain to die if we do not help”
Dr John L Whiting

TYPHOON Yolanda has caused massive devastation and hardship to many parts of the Philippines. Dr Whiting's goal is to help.
Please help : Download the The doctor's dilemma by Dr Whiting and follow the links inside to DONATE !

The doctor's dilemma

Stonebird is immensely proud to introduce the ground-breaking “Doctor's Dilemma” by Dr John L Whiting; an extraordinarily detailed, powerful, challenging, passionate plea for doctors to take ME seriously; it is exactly what the ME community are crying out for. Dr Whiting urges doctors to be creative, to “dig deep” into their medical experience, in order to find solutions for people with ME, who currently, he writes, live lives of “utter misery and deprivation.”

In this special extract from “Severe ME”

Dr Whiting sets out to tackle the “epistemological and phenomenological” fallacy that automatically misrepresents ME and leads to such tragic universal neglect : some of Dr Whiting’s patients report that it is “easier” to have breast cancer and chemotherapy” than to have ME.

The doctor's dilemma gives us a new language to express the hidden and denied; its potential is staggering!!